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Dimash Kudaibergen’s Fan-Clubs Appeared In Kazakhstan

6 февраля 2018, 14:22 | 1 156 просмотров

For the first time in Kazakhstan, there was a serious fan movement that led to the creation of a public organization. It is dedicated to the famous singer Dimash Kudaibergen.

Recently in Kazakhstan, by analogy with Russia and China, two fan clubs, “Eurasian” and “Dimash dostar” were created.

The second was even registered as a public association under the leadership of Madina Kurmangaliyeva, MD, chief ophthalmologist of one of the capital’s clinics, who is also an ardent fan of Dimash.

She talked about the flash mob that their fan club held before the finale of the show I Am a Singer in Astana. During his time the fans sang songs of Dimash and wished him to win the contest.


Fan-clubs of Dimash Kudaibergen appeared in Kazakhstan. Photo credit: “Time” / Madina Kurmangaliyeva

At this the members of the fan club did not stop: events in honor of the favorite performer began to be conducted by them regularly. In addition, fans are constantly going to meet their pet in all Kazakhstani air harbors.

January 21, when Dimash first sang for I Am a Singer, was announced a worldwide fan day.

And in the capital opened a fan cafe Dimash, on its walls hang photos of the singer, and customers can hear his songs. Parents of young talent have already visited this cafe.

“We enlisted the hostess of this institution in the ranks of the fans of Dimash!” – Madina Kurmangaliyeva admitted.Fans closely monitor the life of their pet, analyzing each of his post and saying, worry when he does not show for a long time or, on the contrary, works, in their opinion, too much.

Fans devote to him poems and look forward to his concerts, and if you can see Dimash personally, the impressions do not abate very long.