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Methods of teaching English language

16 апреля 2021, 07:54 | 1 298 просмотров

Our time is characterized by the search for new forms, methods and techniques of teaching. The modern school needs teaching methods that would help not only to teach qualitatively, but first of all, to develop the potential of pupils. Modern education is aimed at preparing students not only to adapt, but also to actively master situations of social change.

The main method of teaching a foreign language is teaching vocabulary in English lessons. Exercises remain the main means of learning at any stage of mastering a foreign language. Usually, there are exercises for mastering the material and for its use in oral speech. For each type of speech activity as a means of communication, two categories of exercises are necessary: those in which speech skills are formed and those in which speech skills are developed.

At a foreign language lesson, a special place is occupied by the forms of classes that ensure the active participation of each student in the lesson, stimulate speech communication, and contribute to the formation of interest and desire to learn a foreign language.

In an English lesson, you can use several methods. The main task is to make learning not only effective, but also interesting, to involve students in the learning process, to make them the main and active participants in it.

At the initial stage of training, the game method is an important method. In the form of a game activity, you can always easily and quickly explain some new material, work out difficult moments, decorate boring routine daily studies, and most importantly, interest children in learning English from childhood. In this period children develop an interest in understanding their speech experience, they are fascinated by the riddles of the language. They easily and firmly remember a small amount of language material and reproduce it well.

There are a huge number of different lexical games aimed at ensuring that the assimilation of new words does not cause difficulties for the younger student.

For example, "ABC shooting range", «Find the stranger», «Edible – inedible».

For middle and senior level students, method of applying song material, method of discussion are good. For example, brainstorming. The teacher formulates a problem and offers students a task: to assess the significance of the problem, to determine the possible result, etc. Students should speak out on the presented issue, argue their position. It helps students to get rid of the language barrier.

Whatever method of learning English you choose, the main thing for students is motivation, and the key to successful learning is high-quality interesting classes.


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