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‘’The City of Apples’’ is Almaty

25 марта 2011, 07:28 | 2 533 просмотра

‘’The City of Apples’’ is Almaty

The aim: 1) giving information about history of Almaty

2) to improve pupils’ monological and biological speech;

to enlarge the pupils’ vocabulary;

3) awaking in pupils the feeling of respect for the history of

Almaty and liking of Motherland

Type of the lesson: Optional lesson

Method: Brain-Storm,Standard teaching

Equipments: placards, illustrated pictures,slide-show, illustrated card

The procedure of the lesson

I.Organization moment

II.The phonetic drill

III. The repetition

VI. The new theme

V. The foundation of new knowledge

VI. The end of lesson

1)The marks

2)The homework

I.Organization moment.

II. The phonetic drill

The flag of Kazakhstan

The ancient flag of Kazakhstan

Bluer than the Alpine blue color,

The sing of our common will,

The banner of fathers and sons,

The proud flag of Kazakhstan.

III.The repetition

Students look at the computer. There are some questions about Kazakhstan.You will give answers for these questions.

1.Where is Kazakhstan situated?

2. What main cities do you know?

3 How many regions are there in Kazakhstan?

VI. The new theme. ‘’ The City of Apples’’ is Almaty

-What do you know about the history of Almaty?

-Why is Almaty called ‘’The City of Apples’’ ?

Lying at a height of 700-900 metres above sea level at the foot of a high mountain ridge of Zailiysky Alatau is one of the most beautiful city in the world.

The city and its environs have a harsh continental climate with temperatures varying greatly not only throughout the year, but even in the course of single day.

Summer in Alma- Ata lasts from May to September, with an average temperature of 22’C in July. Winter, though short, is fairy cold, with an average temperature of -8’C in January. Autumn here is warm and dry; spring comes early, windy days are a rarity here.

Alma –Ata is situated in South-East Kazakhstan on the site of a Silk Road oasis. In early days there was a settlement named ‘’Almaty’’. It was a commercial centre known to Chinese, Arabian and Persian merchants. In 1854 a forticiation called Verny was built. In 1867 was transformed into the town of Verny, an administrative centre of the Semirechinsk Region.

Up to 1917 Verny was an out-of- the –way town and it looked more like a village. In its population was only thousand people, the dwelling space equal to thousand square metres. The town’s industry was represented by small primitive work-shops with workers.

The genuine history of the town began with the victory of the Great October Socialist Revolution. In 1921 Verny was given the name of Alma-Ata. In 1929 Alma-Ata became the capital of the Kazakhstan.

Almaty is an unusual city.It is green city.American Rockwell Kent upon arriving in Almaty in 1960s wrote ‘’Alma-Ata is surely a premier city for its green decoration. It seemed to me I was walking through a forest. Building are entirely hidden by trees’’.

Our city is by the right called Garden City,the total area of greenery amounts to 5000 hectares. There are more than 80 square metres of greenery per inhabitant of Alma-Ata. 38 hectares of land south of the city’s boundary, between the Big and the Small Almaatinka Rivers, are turned into rest zones of the working people.

The city is surrounded by gardens and is full of them.The gift of the gardens,fruit, especially the well-known variety of apples the so- called ‘’aport’’, is sent to many cities of the country. Alma-Ata is usually translated as ‘’father of apples’’.

You will one day visit Alma-Ata, stroll along its tree-lined streets and get to the top of Mount Kok-Tyubeh to admire a panoramic view of the city and sidetrips to Medeo, the Maloalmatinsky Gorge, the Kazakh Aul on Koktyub, etc. We are sure you will find that the ‘’City of Apples’’ is indeed very beautiful and hospitable.

Pupils read information about Almaty and write down the most important:

1) The many-storeyed hotels.

2) Theatres and cinemas.

3) Universities and institutions.

4) The Almaty Zoological garden

VI The end of lesson:

1) Marks

2) The homework . Write the report about the museum is named after

Abilkhan Kasteyev

А.Б.АУБАКИРОВА, Шежін орта мектебі Панфилов ауданы