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Ordering food

6 декабря 2022, 05:40 | 9 359 просмотров

Learning objectives:

( S )-provide basic information about themselves and others at discourse level on a range of general topics;   

( R )-understand  most  specific information and detail of supported, extended  talk on a range general and curriculum  topics;

( L )-use appropriate subject-specific vocabulary and syntax to talk about a limited range of general topics and some curriculum topics;  

Lesson objectives:

All learners will be able to:

To read and listen for gist, to read for specific information, to listen for specific information, to order food.

Most learners will be able to:

To read and listen for gist, to read for specific information, to listen for specific information, to order food

Some learners will be able to:

Give their opinions using the structure and vocabulary of  the lesson without any support


Methods that encourage learners to active thinking and practice, in the process of mastering the curriculum


Ø    Warm Up:

ØStrategy: Guessing

Group division: “Picture Puzzle”


ØStrategy: “Critical Thinking”

Making up menu

Pre - listening:

  • Drill exercises topical vocabulary

ØWhile - listening:

  • Strategy: “Multiple Choice”
  • Choose correct answer

    ØPost - listening:

Strategy: “Jigsaw listening”

End: ØProtect project

“School Menu”

Strategy “Fish bone”:

  • Problem
  • Solving ways
  • Pros & Cons
  • Conclusion


Strategy: “KWL”

  • Knew
  • Want to know
  • Have learnt


    By success criteria:

    Demonstrate respect to other  learners` opinions using  lexical  minimum of  topic vocabulary;

    Form  personal  point of view and  distribute constructive answers to feedback;

    Define  facts and details in extended  talks with little support

    By teacher support:

    • Teacher introduces learners  with  new  topical vocabulary and  explains all instructions;
    • Teacher uses visual aids, recording, ICT  devices;
    • Teacher gives time for thinking;
    • More support will be given to weaker learners by supplying them with translation and modified  tasks;
    • Differentiation of the tasks, time allowed and learners` abilities
  • By roles within group: Learners work together in order to create project effectively; Learner plays active role within group;

  • CRITERIA ASSESSMENT provides feedback between the learner and the teacher

  • Methods of Formative Assessment

  • Teacher Assessment

    by verbal encouragement

    Descriptor: A learner identifies general information:

    Listens to the conversation and answers the questions

  • Peer Assessment

    by strategy: “Matching

    Descriptor: A learner chooses a correct  part of the sentences and matches

  • Group Assessment

    by strategy: “Fish bone

    Descriptor: A learner

    -participates in  creating School menu together group partners;

    -shares with the group, gives more ideas;


  • Colleagues’ tips

  • Should

    • take into account lesson timings
    • make introduction of the lesson accuracy
  • Trainer's recommendations

    ØPay attention to the Lesson Objectives carefully.

    ØAdd the strategy to Listening task

    ØUse Jigsaw Reading  strategy 

    For effective teaching and learning I will apply new knowledge that I received in this Curriculum Up-Date course

    ØI will design my lessons according to Blooms` taxonomy and use new educational technologies

     ØCollaborate with colleagues.

A. M. Suleimenova, School: № 10. Taldykorgan city