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Tasks for the Summative Assessment for the term 1

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Task. Listen to talk between two persons about their musical experiences. What music do they like? You will listen to the recording twice. Then do the task.

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Gaps filling:


1 ___________ has been to lots of music festivals. [1]

2 ___________ hasn`t seen the Black Eyed Peas live [1 ]

3__________ has never been clubbing [1 ]

4___________ has been to hundreds of jazz concerts [1 ]

5 __________ has never heard of Miles Davis [1 ]

6__________ hasn`t heard of Fatboy Slim [1 ]





Read the text about leisure and do the task


     Leisure or free time is a period of time spent out of work and domestic activity. It is also the period of recreational time before or after compulsory activities such as eating and sleeping, going to work or running a business, attending school and doing homework or housework.

    Leisure time is the time when you can forget about day- to-day stress and stressfull activities and relax. These activities can be our hobby.

     Nowadays people work all day long and rarely have spare time to rest and to do something they like. But if they have it they try to spend it in the way they prefer. And there are a lot of possibilities to do it perfect. There are plenty of things to do that can help you not to feel bored.

     Any activities is much better than doing nothing.

     I`d like to notice that there are two main ways of spending free time:

the one is to do some physical activities ( often outdoors), for example, football, swimming, hochey, skiing; and another way is to enjoy something relaxing at home or in special places:

reading, watching TV, knitting, engaged in hand-made. At any rate, hobby is a matter of taste, and everybody should choose it according to the personal preferences.


Choose sentences True or False 


1. Nowadays people work from morning till night T / F

2. Leisure time is the time when you can forget everything T / F

3. There are plenty of things that make you feel bored T / F

4. Leisure or free time is a period of recreational time T / F

5. Working time is a period of time spent out of work and domestic activity T / F

6. There are three main ways of spending free time T / F










Task. Choose one of the topics below. Answer all the questions with appropriate details.

                 Follow the questions, use topical vocabulary and pay attention to the grammar.


Topic 1 About Jane`s hobby

Jane, 27 years old, a photographer. She`s from Italy, has got a family. She loves her family very much. Look at the picture and give some information about Jane. What`s her favourite hobby?

E.x. Jane is twenty-seven years old.



What is she going to do?


What should a person do to make her/ his photo better?


Does she enjoy her hobby? Why?


Do you like taking pictures with your sisters and brothers? Why? Why not?



Topic 2 About David`s computer games addiction   





Task You have to work in pairs. Choose one topic and give your opinion on it.

You have one minute to prepare and 2 minutes to talk. Look at the picture. 


Topic I “Hobbies and Leisure

The following questions will help you:


1 What do you usually do in your free time?

2 What`s your favorite free time activity?

3 Do you spend your leisure time with your friends or family?

4 How do you spend your free time with your friends?

5 Do you often go out?




Topic II “Communication and Technology


1 Explain word “communication

2 Explain word “technology

3 What difference between communication and technology do you know?

4 What is the most popular gudget including all options you need?

5 Imagine what kind of technology will be useful in future? Why? / Why not?



Audio Script 

Alan: Have you ever been to a music festival, Lucy?

Lucy: Yes, I have. I`ve been to lots, actually. The last one I went to was in Denmark.

A Oh, right. Who did you see there?

L I saw R.E.M. and the Black Eyed Peas. They were brilliant! Have you ever seen them live?

A No, I haven`t. I don`t really like rock or hip hop,actually. I prefer classical music or jazz.

L I like some classical music. I occasionally listen to Mozart when I`m at home on my own. But most of the time I listen to rock, hip hop and dance music.

A Right

L And what about you? Have you been to a music festival?

A Hm, no, I haven`t.

L OK. And have you ever been clubbing?

A No, never. I don`t really like dance music or anything like that.

L Oh, but listening to dance music in a club is a fantastic experience. You don`t know what you`re missing. We should go together sometime.

A Er, yes,maybe. And how about jazz? Have you ever been a jazz concert?

L Yes, I`ve been to one or two.

A Oh, I`ve been to hundreds. Live jazz is just amazing. Have you ever heard of Miles Davis?

L No, I haven`t. Who`s he?

A Seriously, you`ve never heard of him? He was a brilliant jazz musician. You obviously don`t know anything about real music. Right. Er, your musical education starts with Miles Davis.

L And yours starts with, um, Fatboy Slim.

A Fatboy who?

L Fatboy Slim. He`s one of the most famous Djs in the world. Don`t you know anything

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