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If I were a millionaire

15 июня 2012, 01:08 | 1 578 просмотров

Form: 9

The Theme: If I were a millionaire

Objectives: 1. to present and practice with ‘conditional sentences’

2. to develop pupils skills in oral speech and reading

Type: compound

Methods: interaction, demonstration, cards with tasks.

Equipment: scheme, pictures, cards with tasks.

The Procedure of the lesson

1. Greeting.

2. Warp up. ‘The great Greek grape growers grow great Greek grapes’

3. Checking of the Home task. Ex 11, page 119.

4. Presentation of ‘Conditional sentences’.

First Conditional

Future Simple + if + Present Simple

I will go if I have time.

The first conditional expresses a possible situation and it’s result.

If she goes abroad she’ll spend a lot of money.

If she stays at home , she’ll be bored.

Second conditional

The Second Conditional expresses an unreal situation and it’s result.

If you had a chance to study abroad you would go to the UK.

If I had much time, I wouldn’t waste it.

5.Practice. Work in pairs.

You won a lottery?

You spoke English fluently?

Your mother bought a jacket for your birthday and didn’t like it?

You were at your friend’s house for dinner, and you didn’t like the food?

You failed your exam?

You saw a U.F.O (unidentified Flying Object)?

You hade a beautiful voice.

You hade much money.

You hade much time.

You hade free time.

What would you do if…….

6.Production. Written book. Make sentences from charts A and B.

Had a beautiful voice

Found much money

Were an adult

Didn’t eat cakes and ice-cream

Didn’t go to bed late

Didn’t lose my watch


If I……………

Oversleep in the morning

Lose weight

Be late for the lessons

Go to school

Buy a motor-bike

Keep it, sing in a band



I would

I wouldn’t……

7. Home task.

Exercise 14, page 120.

Рашида КУМЕКБАЕВА, Ағылшын пәні мұғалімі Жоламан орта мектебі-шағын орталығы Кербұлақ ауданы