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“Celebrating Holidays”

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Grade: 6.

Theme: “Celebrating Holidays”

Objectives: S.W.B.A.T.

1. pronounce and use new topical words, read the text about British Holidays, identify them, speak about Holidays of Great Britain, Kazakhstan and the USA.

2. develop students’ reading, speaking, writing, thinking skills and memory.

3. bring – up students to love and to respect traditions and customs, to work creatively, to respect their partners.

Type: introduction of new materials.

Method: interaction, demonstration, exercises, an interview.

Form: individual, pair work, group work.

Materials: pictures, a word map, cards.

Procedure of the Lesson

I. Introductory part.

a) Greeting.

Good morning!

Sit down!

Who is on duty today?

Who is absent?

What date is it today?

What day is it today?

II. Warm – up. Listen, repeat and read.

I can think of six thick things and six thin things too.

III. Checking up the Home task.

Exercise 13,14.

IV. Presentation of new words. Writing.

1) chimney [ `t∫imni ] мұржа

2) celebrate [ `selibreit ] тойлау

3) neighbour [ `neibә ] көрші

4) guest [ gest ] қонақ

5) knock [ nok ] қағу, тарсылдау

6) threat [ θret ] қауіп

7) sign [ sain ] қол қою

8) pie [ pai ] бәліш

V. Practice. Reading. Exercise 2, page 108. Read, Match the holidays with information.

V(A). Writing. Exercise 3(e). Complete the sentences.

a) Children dressed ______ costumes knock ____ the neighbours doors.

b) If you don’t give them sweets or money they play a trick _____ you.

c) They dress ____ costumes and cover their faces _____ masks.

d) They hope Santa Claus will come _____ the chimney during the night.

e) They gather together _____ a home _____ a traditional dinner.

Complete the word map.

Guessing game: What holidays can you see in these pictures?

VII. Production. Speaking. Exercise 8, page 112. Pair work. Interview your desk mate.

1. Do you celebrate Bonfire Night?

2. What’s the most interesting holiday in your country?

3. When is it?

4. How do people celebrate it?

5. Do you eat any special food?

VII(a). Tell about your favourite holiday.

VIII. Assignment.

Exercise 5 (b),6, page 110.

IX. Conclusion. It’s time to draw our conclusion.

I know British Holidays.

I can speak about our Holidays in English.

I can ask questions about Holidays.

I can answer questions.

I can write an interview about Holidays.

X. Assessment.

Рашида КУМЕКБАЕВА, Ағылшын пәні мұғалімі Жоламан орта мектебі-шағын орталығы Кербұлақ ауданы