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Turksib. Trains.

15 июня 2012, 01:15 | 1 570 просмотров

Grade: 9.A

Lesson theme: Turksib. Trains.

Objectives: 1. S.W.B.A.T pronounce and use the new topical words, railway, construction, opportunity, industry goods, income, speed, read the text “ Turksib”, do exercises after text, make up sentences using adjectives and retell the text.

2. Develop student’s speaking, reading, writing, thinking skills and memory.

3. Bring up feeling of love for their country and respectful attitude to classmates.

Type: introduction of new materials.

Method: interaction, demonstration, exercises, press-conference.

Form: individual, class work, group work.

Visual aids: Pictures, scheme.

Technical means: interactive board.

Procedure of the Lesson:

1. Introduction part.

a) Greeting.

Who is on duty today?

Who is absent?

What date is it today?

What day is it today?

What season is it now?

Do you like autumn?

b) Introducing the students to lesson aims.

2. Warm up. Find antonyms, write, read and translate.

3. Checking up the Home task.

Ex 5, 6 page 68.

4. Presentation of new materials.

1) railway [ reilwei] темір жол.

2) construction [ kәn’str^kSәn] құрылыс.

3) opportunity [ opә’tju:niti ] мүмкіндік.

4) industry [ indәstri ] өнеркәсіп.

5) goods [ gudz ] жүк.

6) speed [ spi:d ] жылдамдық.

7) income [ ink^m ] пайда.

8) join [dзoin ] қосу, жалғау.

5. Practice. Reading the text: “ Turksib”.

A) 1)to read.

2)to show.

B) True or False

1. Turksib joins Siberia with Europe.

2. Turksib is 2046 km long.

3. Turksib influences the development of home industry.

4. The income of our region has reached 2 million tenge.

5. Passanger trains don’t go on Turksib.

6. Production. Now we have a Press-conference.

There are journalists from the USA and UK. They have got some questions to our veterans. And they answer their questions.

7. Home task.

Ex. 2 page 70,71.

8. Assessment.

Ф.А.КУМЕКБАЕВА, Н.Алдабергенов атындағы мектепке дейінгі шағын орталығы бар орта мектеп Ағылшын пәнінің мұғалімі, Балпык би кенті, Коксу ауданы, Алматы облысы