Маған жақсы мұғалім бәрінен де артық, өйткені мұғалім мектептің жүрегі!
Республикалық апталық газеті


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The aims:

1. Educational :To check their knowledge about our country, to speak our motherland.

2. Development : To develop understanding, logical thinking and oral speech.

3. Upbringing :To bring them up to love our country, to be able to protect it and to be an individual citizen of our country.

The visual aids : the state symbols .The map of our Republic. The map of the world, schemes, test cards, crosswords.

Inter subject connection: Kazakh, Russian, Geography, History and Music.

The procedure of the lesson.

1.The lesson begins with singing the anthem of Kazakhstan.

2.Good morning, everybody. I'm glad to see you at our quiz-lesson. It will be 20th anniversary of Independence. According to this celebration we have prepared a party, quiz lesson. I'm sure you will demonstrate what you know about our country.

3.Let`s begin our lesson with solving a crossword.

1.The largest country in the word (Russia)

2.This county is in America (Canada)

3.There is only the country in (Australia)

4.This the flag of Great Britain (Britain)

5.Washington DC is the capital (The USA)

6.Our Motherland is (Kazakhstan)

4.So our motherland is Kazakhstan and I want to read a poem which was written by one of the greatest Kazakh poets K.Amanzholov:

Қазақстан дейтін менің бар елім,

Жатыр алып жарты дүние әлемін!

Бұл даланы анам жаспен суарған,

Бұл далада атам қолға ту алған,

Бұл далада жылап келіп уанған,

Бұл даланы алғаш көріп қуанған,

Бұл далада өскен жанда жоқ арман.

A song: Kazakhstan

5. As a sovereign state Kazakhstan has its own State symbol. What symbol of Kazakhstan do you know?

The main symbols of Kazakhstan are :

1. The state flag

The sun as the symbol of peace is depicted against a blue background. You can see the Eagle-the symbol of freedom under the sun. There is a traditional of Kazakh ornamentn on the left.

2.The state Emblem.

There is Shanirak on the top of yurta in the centre of the state Emblem on the blue background. It`s two beams lying across symbolize the 4 parts of the world. The sun rays are spreading all around the Shanirak. The mythological horses-Tulpars-complete the ensemble. There is star on the top and the inscription Kazakhstan below. The state Emblem is made in gad and blue colour.

1. The state Anthem.

Is written by Sh. Kaldjakov, Zh.Nazhimidenov, N.A. Nazarbaev.

6.Now, answer some questions about Kazakhstan.

Quiz test.

1. Where is Kazakhstan Located?

2. What countries does Kazakhstan border on?

3. What is the total area of Kazakhstan?

4. What can you say about population of Kazakhstan?

5. What is the climate of Kazakhstan?

6. What are the biggest lakes of Kazakhstan?

7. What are the largest Cities of Kazakhstan?

8. What king of state is Kazakhstan? (democratic Republic presidential form of government)

9.When did Kazakhstan gain it’s independence?

10.What is the state language of Kazakhstan?(Russian official, English international)

11.What are the famous mountains?(Tien Shan, Tarbagatai, Altai)

12. How many regions of Kazakhstan do you know?

By administrative division Kazakhstan has 14 regions and two cities of republican submission-Astana and Almaty.

Akmolinskaya oblast. There is a good base for manufacture and processing grain-crops, also for mead milk live-stock farming.

Aktubinskaya oblast. Among all the oil-gas region the best conditions for diversification of manufacture. The oblast is reach with chromium.

Almatinskaya oblast. The oblast is the leader with scope of agricultural manufacture in the country.

Atyrayskaya oblast. In light of investment activity the oblast has the leading position in the republic. Besides oil extracting and oil processing all the others sectors of economy are developed.

East-Kazakhstan oblast. Motor industry, metal industry, manufacture of building materials, food processing industry. The State Monetary mint is located in Ust-kamenogorsk city.

Zhambulskaya oblast. 72% of balance stocks of Kazakhstan phosphorites is concentrated in the oblast.

West-Kazakhstan oblast. This is the largest oil-gas region. It is possible to allocate manufacture of oil-gas equipment.

Karagandinskaya oblast. This is the advanced base of black and colour metallurgy industry is diverse. The territory of the oblast is the largest one the republic.

Kostanaiskaya oblast. There is a good base for manufacture and processing of grain-crops, also for meat and milk live stock farming. 100% of Kazakhstan bauxites are concentrated in the oblast.

Kyzylordinskaya oblast. All the sectors of economy excepting oil and gas are developed poorly. There are the sharp ecological problems.

Manguytauskaya oblast. De spite of enormous natural recourses only production of oil and gas developing actively. Port Aktau on the intercontinental Caspion sea is the main sea gate of the country.

Pavlodarskaya oblast. The oblast has the diversificated industrial and agriculture manufacture, rich resources of raw materials.

North-Kazakhstan oblast. There is a good base for manufacture of grain crops.

South-Kazakhstan oblast the oblast is one of the densely populated in the country.

A song: Менің Қазақстаным

7. Some questions to our quests.

1. Who is the hear of Kazakhstan? ( President N. Nazarbaev)

2. What is the capital of our Republic? (Astana)

3. What river is Astana situated on? ( The Isham)

4. What chambers does Kazakh Parliament consist of? ( The Senate and Majilis)

5. When was the last Constitution approved? (30 of August)

8. Now; play a game “ Polyglot” . Find missing words and say them in Russian and Kazakh:

1. The the country is Astana. (capital)

2. Kazakhstan is the largest__________ in the Central Asia. (state)

3. There are few________and _______ in Kazakhstan. (rivers, lakes)

4. Kazakh is the state _____________ in Kazakhstan. (language)

5. The ____________ of the country is strongly continental. (climate)

6. As sovereign state Kazakhstan has its own national __________and____

(flag, anthem)

7. Its_______is about 17 million people. (population)

8. The largest___________are Almaty, Karaganda, Shimkent. (cities)

9. Kazakhstan___________on Chine, Russia, Turkmenstan, Uzbekistan and Kirgizia. (borders)

9. Well, you know much about our country. And what do you know about other countries? I’ll say the names of the countries in Kaz You must say in Eng.

Country nationality capital

Қытай, Индия, Жапония, Турция, Германия, Франция, Испания, АҚШ, Канада, Ұлыбритания.

How many continents are there in the world? /6 continents: Asia, Europe, America, Africa, Australia, Antarctic./

How many oceans are there in the world? /4 oceans: The Pacific Ocean, The Indian Ocean, The Atlantic Ocean, The Arctic.

10. Look at this diagram and give some sentences about our country.

11. This is the map of our republic. What can you say about Kazakhstan?

12. Now, let’s make a conclusion. Our country is large and very rich. There are a lot of mineral resources, we have already mentioned. More than 130 nationalities live in our republic. They all in friendship and love. Kazakhstan is known all over the world. They love our president N.A Nazarbayev and Kazakh people for their hospitality. We see the feelings of international friendship and love to our motherland and we proud of being the citizens of our republic.

A Song Атамекен.

Бүгінгі сабағымызды Атығай Қуанышбай бидің батасымен аяқтаймыз:

Айналайын дарын бол,

Сөнбейтұғын жалын бол,

Қатардан асқан ақын бол,

Не болмаса ғалым бол,

Халқын үшін қызмет қыл

Тәмам жұртқа мәлім бол.

Айналайын, стремись к знаниям

Не погаси свет души своей

И родятся лучшие песни

И станет святым ученье

Будь слугой своему народу

Будь радостью своей земле.

Get to know the laws of life

Let your soul be full of light

One of you could be a poet

One will take a science road

You will serve for motherland

Spreading love for all!

Thank you for your attention. Our party is over. Good bye!

ЖАДЫРА САҒЫНАЕВА Т. Рысқұлов орта мектеп МДШО ағылшын тілі пәнінің мұғалімі Ұзынағаш ауылы, Жамбыл ауданы