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Мақсаты: оқушыларға ағылшын тілі пәні бойынша білімдерді меңгерте отырып, өткен грамматикалық тақырыптарды еске түсіре отырып, білімін жинақтау.

Түрі: Сайыс сабақ

Пәнаралық байланыс:орыс,қазақ тілдері


Dear guests and pupils! You are welcome to our competition. We are glad to see you. Let`s begin our competition.Let`s invite our teams.

1.The first team is ……

2.The second team is ……..

Contest1.Greeting.Бұл кезеңде әр топ өзін- өзі таныстырады.

Contest2. “Blitz”Бұл кезеңде әр топқа 10 сұрақтан қойылады.

Team 1.

1.Which sentence is wrong: I am knowing or I know? (I am knowing)

2.What is the singular of the word postmen (postman)

3.Which of the following is never used in the plural: fish, hero, prize,knowledge map.

4.What tense do we use when we say how often we do things? (Present simple)

5.Put the following sentence in the Past Tense: He is very attentive isn`t he ?(He was very attentive, wasn`t he?)

6.What is the negative form of will? (won`t or will not)

7.What is the Past Continuous of the verb to work? (was working, were working)

Team 2.

1.Name the Past Simple Tense of the verbs do and have (did,had)

2.What is the negative form of shall?(shan`t, shall not)

3.Which of the following is used only in the plural: advice, money,hair ,spectacles,


4.What is the Future Tense of the verb to sing?(shall sing,will sing)

5.What is the singular of the word children?(child)

6.Which sentence is wrong: I don`t understands this sentence or I don`t understand this sentence (I don`t understand this sentence)

7.What tense is used to express an action that will continue some time in the future? (The Future Progressive Tense)

Contest 5. Sing a song

It was your home-task to prepare any songs.

Contest 6.

Finish the proverbs

1st team

1)A hungry man is an …

2)Actions speak …

3)A bad beginning makes …

4)All that glitters is …

2nd team

5)An apple a day keeps …

6)Be slow to promise and quick …

7)Every country has its customs …

8)Every bird likes its…

9)First think, then …

10)Good health is ...

Contest 3.Use the Past Indefinite Tense.

Today is my mother`s birthday,so she has a holiday today.On her birthday she does her work early in the morning so that she is free for the day. This year her birthday is on Wednesday.I have a present for her birthday.She is fourty- five today.

Contest 4. “ Captain`s competition .Guess the words.

It`s Saturday m……. .It`s Susan`s d….. off. She is w…… for her friend Ann. They are g…… to do some shopping.They w…… to go to the nearest shop. Susan doesn`t l…… supermarkets. In smaller shops you g…..personal advice.

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