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The aims of the lesson: a) to get information about ecological problems in Kazakhstan and to discuss about it

B) to develop speech habits, thinking abilities

C) to bring up love to the nature, love to our country, to protect the nature

Type of the lesson: reporting of new knowledge

Equipments: photos, cards

The procedure of the lesson:

1 Organization moment. Greeting, explaining the aims and the task of the lesson

Good morning children.

What date is it today?

What day of the week is it today?

What season is it now?

What is the weather like today?

Is it raining?

Is it snowing?

Is it cold today?

2 Warm up.

Poem .

Spring is green

Summer is bright

Autumn is yellow

Winter is white

3 Ss look at the photos with some new words.

Burn trees, pollute water, factories pollute air, oil kill birds, cut forest,dump rubbish.

Students guess the meaning of these words and write them in their vocabulary

4 « Odd one out »

In each line of the words there is one word odd which doesn’t go with others. Name this word and explain why it is odd.

Burn factory bird cut

dump air fox wolf

rose water tree pollute

5 Answer the questions

Do people in Kazakhstan pollute water?

Do they cut trees?

Do people pollute water in Alakol every summer?

Do they dump rubbish there?

Are there any ecological problems in your village?

Do you help the nature?

6a. Ss describe the photos

The people are burning the trees.

Someone is polluting water.

Factories are polluting air.

The oil is killing birds.

They are cutting the trees.

The man is dumpty rubbish.

Mimic activities: Ss divide into 2 groups.

They are given cards with words for environment on them e .g

Cut trees, water flowers, go fishing, kill birds, animals dump rubbish, love nature,

The students must talk about the environment indicated on the card without saying the word. The second group has to guess the word.

6b. Training the formation of the fourth form of the verbs:

7. Doing ex. 5 Interview your friend use the questions in exercise 4.

8. Conclusion of the lesson

Doing ex .6 Talk to the teacher about your interview. I interviewed my friend. He does not pollute water, he does not cut trees, he does not dump rubbish. He waters flowers, he plants trees, he loves the nature and helps the nature

9 Home work ex .7

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